Jul 31 2009

EDGE on my Vodafone Australia BlackBerry

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I woke up this morning to a rather pleasant surprise, pictured above.

I am currently checking with my Vodafone account mangers to see if they have finally launched their long awaited upgraded to their existing GPRS network.

If this is indeed the case, it will be appreciated by many people with 2G handsets. And also for people like me who prefer to use 2G even though they have a 3G handset and those who prefer to use 2G to get a far better battery life!

For those that don’t know, AAPT use the Vodafone network.

UPDATE 1: I live in Wollongong and travel to Sydney for work, and I lost the EDGE signal just past Thirroul. It was only GPRS from Waterfall to Sydney. In the Sydney CBD I am only getting GPRS.

UPDATE 2: I have confirmed with a friend of mine who also lives in Wollongong that he is also using EDGE. He quotes “It’s solid, latency is not high. Seems to be perfect for mobile devices. It’s as good as it was in Singapore and Hong Kong when I was there last”.

UPDATE 3: It looks like that this  is going to be slowly made available in regional areas. No EDGE in the city, as far as we know.

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2 Responses to “EDGE on my Vodafone Australia BlackBerry”

  1. rojtel says:

    hello, yes vodafones 3g is not so good in wollongong, i i have swiched my handset back to 2g. I believe the 3g is mainly to keep the data card users happy. Yes i have edge on my phone, something which i thought i would not be able to see but i can. I will perform some tests later and pop some feedback here on the blog. Good to see vodafone offering some alternatives.

  2. rojtel says:

    Working well, Nokia 6121 and 3g version of the I phone locked in on 2G. Conducted some MMS tests, Wap and full http pages compared to 3G at 2100Mhz from a end user perspective do not present too much of a noticeable difference. Signal propagation indoors is excellent, moving around whilst using it shows zero or little latency. Much better than the 3G service and more solid. It will be interesting to see how it works under heavy traffic load.

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